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"My type of freedom isn’t really what’s cracked up to be. Mainly because each province has a different set of laws to abide to." Abigail shrugs her shoulders before stretching.

"I’m well aware of laws." The brunette tugged at the yellow guard cloth and chuckled a little. "But being able to travel around without worry and without anything holding you back is what I mean."

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She had her own scars, a cut from her forehead to cheek from an enraged shopkeeper who found out she stole his produce. Mary felt pleased to be called cub, being the closest form of endearment she had been shown in a long time. “What are you making? I taught myself how to cook, but I was never any good.”


"Just a heavy stew." John pushed into the home and set the basket on the chair, taking off his gauntlets and waving at Brinthal who sat huddled in the corner with her book. Course he wasn’t the most social individual but he did try to be polite in front of children. "It doesn’t matter, just need ye to cut up some vegetables and toss them in the pot." He brought the large cast iron pot over to the pump to get some water in it. "Since it’ll be a few hours I have some bread and milk for ya."

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This is the anon fairy coming to send you a nice message. This message is to remind you that you are loved. That people care about you. And that people are thinking about you. It is a reminder that no matter how hard life gets or how down you may feel, that there is always someone out there who cares. Pass this on to your friends on anon, or simply reread this in the future to remind you that someone was thinking of you. <3

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"Ay," Maeva nodded in agreement, "and what would those woes be?". She looked at him a moment. He seemed very secrective, and she doubted he would give her an answer. She wondered what he was hiding.

"Yer curiousity could greatly harm ye. I suggest don’t ask so many questions rebel and meet me at Dusk for a drink or a half a dozen drinks" The blonde guard raised a brow and chewed a little bit on the inside of his cheek. The other was already treading on thin ice talking to him. Seeing as that armor was that of a stormcloak."


"Many folks hail from Windhelm, but I’m still surprised I have never seen you before. I don’t forget people’s faces" Maeva said with a shrug. "So, guard John, how about after your duty is over I buy us a round of ale and you can tell me more about yourself, or perhaps just get rolling drunk?"

"I looked different a few years ago." He grumbled crossing his arms over his chest and hearing the other’s offer. Something about mead did call for him. After all supper was boiling on the pot and Caitlyn said she’d watch it this time, so getting shitfaced was a possibility. "Aye a belly full of ale might soothe my woes."

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She was clearly worried he would out her but not because she was afraid for herself, but for others. Before her eyes went back to their normal red color she mumbled something to Sithis, then turned back to look at the guard. “I-I’m sorry if I frightened you.. Please, I’ll tell you whatever you want if you don’t tell anyone I’m here. I am not here to harm anyone. I’m just hear to speak to the Dragonborn.”


"Startled?" The guard asked staring at the other. Was he startled? No he felt about ready to shit his trousers. "I’m more than a bit startled Mam." James definitely felt that security of being around her fade. Though knowing the kindness this woman was capable of he nodded. "Fine, ye have my word… and perhaps it’s best if I know less."

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Abigail takes the tankard and takes a sip of the mead before letting out a content sigh, “Actually, that was about three years ago. I made a trip around Tamriel for about three years and then came back to Skyrim afterwards.” She smiled at the woman.

"Twenty-five then… Rather ripe age hm… Some people don’t even live to be that old. Remarkably sad." The brunette replied and sipped at her drink. "So where’d you go on your trip? There is plenty to see in this world I imagine… Hell sometimes I wish I could be as carefree and roam. A lifestyle that appears to be remarkably ideal."

Abigail looks up at the ceiling as she thinks, “Well, I’ve been to Cyrodiil, Black Marsh, High Rock, Hammerfell, Morrowind, and Valenwood. I still have yet gone to other places.” She picks up her mug and chugs the rest of the drinks down.

Sipping at her own mug she listened to the other, curious as to hear of all her travels and such. “My… Seems like you’ve been almost everywhere…” The brunette replied leaning a bit away as the other chugged her mug down. “How I envy your freedom Abigail.”