Flowers up on the North Ridge (Feya/James Closed RP)

James’ fingers enveloped around the stem of a baby blue mountain flower half submerged in snow. Gods he wished there were more but this flower was so rare and so utterly unique that he wasn’t going to take a chance in letting it perish in the mountain chill and wind.

He picked the flower as close to the rootball as possible and pulled out a spent potion flask. The yellow cloth around his face masking the child-like smile but not the happiness in his eyes. .”One of a kind.” He whispered to himself as he delecatly scooped snow into the flask and heated it up with his touch letting the snow form to water. Letting it alone for a minute for it to cool. His gloved hands nudged every petal gently with such fascionation and joy he closed his eyes and chuckled. After playing with the flower for a few.minutes he let it fall into the now cold water potion flask. Carefully and very gently he replaced the cap and inspected it in the snowy cloud ridden backround.

Deeply, he sighed absolutly releved as he wiped his fingerless gloves off on his steel plated breastplate with mail behind it. Then, his scarf.

While looking through the bottle he couldn’t help but notice a lone figure walking up the mountain. Facing the wind and taking the brunt of the storm. He blinked and waved shouting loudly. “Ohi! Hello!”